Calista Corporation announces Certified 2019 Annual Meeting Results 45th Meeting Held in Toksook Bay on July 5

Calista (cha-LIS-tuh) Corporation Shareholders reelected three directors to the Board in a strong support of continued operational successes, increased Shareholder benefits, and Board stability. More than 59 percent of all outstanding shares voted, the fourth highest voting rate in Calista’s history. These results were certified by the Inspector of Elections, Sramek-Hightower.

Reelected this year were Paul George Guy, Johnnie Evan and Wayne Don for Administrative Units 4, 5 and 6, respectively. Each elected Director serves a three-year term.

Calista Shareholder votes solely decide Board elections. In 2013, discretionary voting of under-votes by the Calista proxy committee was eliminated. Under-votes are now divided equally among all of the candidates listed in the proxy.

Calista Shareholders are more connected than ever. More than 6 in 10 Calista Shareholders cast their votes online at, the second highest response since online voting was introduced in 2014. Additionally, more than 1 in 3 voting Elders cast their proxies online.

The Board will hold a regularly scheduled meeting in late July. Board officers will be elected at this meeting.

Calista Corporation has over 29,000 Shareholders and is the parent company of more than 30 subsidiaries in the following industries: military defense contracting, civil and vertical construction, real estate, environmental remediation and natural resource development, marine transportation, oil field services and heavy equipment sales, service and rentals. Since 1994, Calista has provided more than $4.8 million in scholarships to its Shareholders and Descendants. Since inception, Calista has declared more than $64.7 million in dividends and distributions, and $6.5 million in Elders’ Benefit Program distributions to Shareholders.