BNC holds virtual shareholders meeting

Board members, officers election results

by Ana Hoffman

Bethel Native Corporation is a for-profit village corporation formed under ANCSA. On August 15, 2020, a virtual annual shareholders meeting was held. At this meeting, shareholders elected to the board of directors A. Louise Charles, Mary Kenick and Alton Alexie to serve three year terms.

Following the virtual annual meeting, the Board of Directors met and elected the board officers. Lyman Hoffman was elected Chairman of the Board. Other officers include A. Louise Charles, Vice-Chair; Mary Kenick, Treasurer; Donna Lindsey, Secretary and Gregory Hoffman Sr., Assistant Secretary. Robert Hoffman, Robert Lekander, Henry Hunter Sr. and Alton Alexie all serve as members of the Board of Directors.

Bethel Native Corporation would like to express sincere gratitude to Stanley “Tundy” Rodgers, Sr. for the many years of service and leadership provided on the Board of Directors.


$1000 Sammy Chimegalrea, Bethel, AK

$1000 Stella Wasuli, Bethel, AK

$500 Rudy Kashatok Jr, Bethel, AK

$500 Brenda Renee Lindsey, Bethel, AK

$100 Randy Kashatok, Tuluksak, AK

$100 Monica Mae Thompson, Bethel, AK

$100 Samuel Jason Crow, Bethel, AK

$100 Matilda CJ Bee, Bethel, AK

$100 Ethel M Oglesby, Dardanelle, AR

$100 Raymond John Watson, Bethel, AK

$100 Patrick J Whitman, Tununak, AK

$100 Lois L Stover, Kodiak, AK

$100 Simon Peter Herman, Anchorage, AK

$100 Karen Cooke Phillip, Anchorage, AK


$1000 Cindy Lee LePore, Bethel, AK 

$1000 Karen Maxie, Napaskiak, AK

$500 William David Bollman, Aloha, OR

$500 William Hunter, Chuathbaluk, AK

$100 Elizabeth D Mute, Bethel, AK

$100 Elmer James Nicholson Jr., Anchorage, AK

$100 Karen Therese Samuelson, Anchorage, AK

$100 Sherry Olie Roland, Anchorage, AK

$100 Evan Wiseman Jr., Chefornak, AK

$100 Edward Phillip Kinegak, Chefornak, AK

$100 Stanley Lee Hoffman Sr., Bethel, AK 

$100 May E Ulibarri, Seattle, WA

$100 Theresa Mae Cleveland, Quinhagak, AK

$100 Andrew Peter Abraham, Hooper Bay, AK

Bethel Native Corporation is headquartered in Bethel with subsidiary office in Anchorage. Bethel’s companies are active in construction, logistics, property management, environmental remediation, consulting, water and sewer structure engineering and government contracting. Bethel Native Corporation is also a commercial real estate developer with diversified property holdings in Bethel, Anchorage and Colorado. Ana Hoffman serves as the President/CEO of Bethel Native Corporation and all of its subsidiary companies.