Blackberry Festival XC Race results

Blackberry Festival Cross Country Race runners begin their run with a mass start on Saturday, August 31st, 2019 in Toksook Bay. photo by Jimmie Lincoln

by Delta Discovery Staff

The annual Blackberry Invitational cross country race results are in from Toksook Bay. Runners from Newtok and Tununak joined the host team to run the traditional race course up the hills and back down.

Winning in the high school boys division was Wilson Agimuk of Toksook Bay. For the girls the high school champion is Amanda Kanrilak of Tununak. She also won the race last year as a junior.

Agimuk completed the 5K uphill and back down course in 23:54, about a minute faster than last year’s winner’s time of 24:52 posted by Chefornak’s Lambert Kairaiuak. Coming in second was Agimuk’s teammate Michael Chakuchin with a time of 24:05.

Kanrilak finished the rocky, swampy, muddy course in 31:05, beating her course time of 34:53 from last year. In second for the girls was Toksook’s Panik Chimiugak. Her time was 33:11.

The Junior High race, which was 3K, was won by last year’s race champion Charles Maxie of Toksook Bay for the boys. His time was 14:48, which is faster from his time of 15:28 from last year.

Tununak’s Shawn Peltola crossed the finish line in second place. He is last year’s runner up. His time was 16:03, more than 3 minutes faster than his 19:14 time from last year.

Winning for the junior high girls was Benita Charlie of Toksook. Her time was 16:35. Her teammate Kennythia Henry won 2nd for the girls in 19:04.

Blackberry Invitational Jr. High Race Results


1st Benita Charlie, Toksook, 16:35

2nd Kennythia Henry, Toksook, 19:04

3rd Athena Usugan, Tununak, 20:35


1st Charles Maxie, Toksook, 14:48

2nd Shawn Peltola, Tununak, 16:03

3rd Zachary Angaiak, Toksook, 16:35

High School Race Results


1st Amanda Kanrilak, Tununak, 31:05

2nd Panik Chimiugak, Toksook, 33:11

3rd Rosemary Henry, Toksook, 40:55

4th Irene Chakuchin, Toksook, 41:02


1st Wilson Agimuk, Toksook, 23:54

2nd Michael Chakuchin, Toksook, 24:05

3rd Malcom Queenie, Newtok, 26:01

4th Raymond Chanar, Toksook, 26:06

5th George Charlie, Tununak, 26:10

6th Daren Kilongak, Newtok, 34:46

7th Jobe Nevak, Newtok, 35:49