Bethel Wrestling Club Thanks Sponsors

The 2018 Bethel Wrestling Club regular season has come to an end and we would like to express our thank you’s to the following organizations and volunteers.
Prime Sponsor: Donlin Gold
Prime Sponsor: Bethel Volunteer Firefighters Association
Platinum Sponsor: Crowley Fuels
Thank you to all of the parents and families that contributed and served at our Friday night match ups concession stand, there were a lot of yummy dishes and desserts shared by all. To all of those that pledged some of our wrestlers in our Push-Up-A-Thon fundraiser, thank you. To all of the volunteer coaches that take time out of their day/lives to coach the 138 wrestlers we had varying from age 4 yrs. old to 25: Thor Williams, Marty Smith, Daryl Smith, Zach Pleasant, Ryan Wheeler, Rafe Johnson and Seth Smith. And once again, a very special thank you to my wife Mrs. Lieb. Gina handles all of the paperwork (galore) for the parents and wrestlers, coordinates the food for the Friday night match ups, decides what color/type of shirts for the coaches and wrestlers (we even have some Pairing Officials from AUSAW wanting to buy our shirts) to wear each year, handles all of the food (with help from parents) at the State venue so that our wrestlers are ready to wrestle with energy, and oh yes, she even helps coach the Pre-Bantams and Bantams. She does a lot. Thank you Gina!
If I forgot to mention anyone, please forgive me as there are many to thank. We had another successful State Tournament with many wrestlers that brought back multiple medals. We are looking forward to hosting a Fall Wrestling Camp in August: August 3-6 held at the BRHS gym. C.O.C. Director Steve Glassey will be coming here with Bryce Meredith (NCAA All-American) and Nick Gwiazdowski (NCAA Champion and Team USA World Team Bronze Medalist). We are also looking forward to next year’s season as well. Thank you everyone.
We have several wrestlers going to the Team Alaska June Camp and then continuing down to Pocatello, ID to compete down there. And we have 1 wrestler that will be going to the Team Alaska National camp in Fairbanks in July then competing at the National Junior Freestyle and Greco Roman tournament in Fargo, ND. Wrestlers will be doing car washes the next 2 Saturday’s to help offset costs associated with those. Stop by and get your car/truck washed and make a donation. Thanks again.
Coach Darren Lieb
Bethel Wrestling

Endorsements for Calista Board
As a shareholder of Calista Corporation, I am endorsing the following candidates for Calista Board.
1. Elect Ben Nukusuk of Hooper Bay. He is a former VPSO who worked to protect life and property of the village of Hooper Bay. He will make sure the working relationships between the Tribal Governments and the Alaska Native Corporation’s thrive for the best interest of the health and safety of our women and children. I do not support Myron Naneng because he is advocating to start a liquor store in Bethel for his corporation.
2. Elect John Lamont, whom worked very hard to improve the quality of education in our villages. He loves the kids and their futures to succeed in every way possible. They are our future leaders, John has shown great leadership to make that happen! Joann Werning helped cancel the annual meeting in the past which cost a lot of money to reschedule the meeting.
3. Elect Robert Beans of Mt. Village. He is the longtime Chairman for AVEC, which benefitted our communities and a former Law Enforcement officer for the Bethel District. He also helped a lot of villages with his position at USDA for Alaska. Felix Hess also helped in cancelling the annual shareholders meeting which cost a lot of our money.
4 Elect Ron Hoffman of Bethel. He has served as President for the AVCP Housing Authority which contributed a lot of adequate housing for our village residents. He pushed for more funding to improve our housing in each of our communities. Robert Hoffman authorized cancelling the 2012 annual shareholders meeting affecting our shares. As a board member for Bethel Native Corporation, he supported opening one of the liquor stores in Bethel. It affected a lot of loss of our family members in outlying villages.
Quyana cakneq for voting for those that I have identified to keep our Calista Corporation keep moving positively forward to increase higher dividends to our esteemed shareholders which include our young people that were born after December 18, 1971. Calista Corporation has emerged as one of the most profitable native corporations in recent years.
Michael Williams Sr., Calista Shareholder
Akiak, AK

Thoughts on issues in our community
This morning (like always) I’ve a lot on my mind. The April 25, 2018 issue of the Delta Discovery covered a lot of things that I constantly think about – and what’s always amazing for me is that you cover what are always in my mind, and desperation to improve these facts that constantly add to many of the issues (upon one another, one another, one another ad nauseam!!!)
One biggest concern that constantly occupies my brain is that how can any educated, trusted, elected person be evil enough to openly take advantage of others and be stupid enough to believe that we can’t see their naivete? Anything to gain ‘fame’, money, praise, ETC! Right. Be it education, healthcare, social services, elder care, domestic violence/abuse of all ages, looking out for one another, ETC, ETC, ETC, ETC, aaannndd ETC. Can anyone believe how anyone can use another person in a negative, harmful manner?
However when these happen (thank God) certain individuals are sent our way to make up for the abusive acts that constantly come our way. Quyana cakneq to Cellam Cua, and the certain individuals!!
Why is it that the native people who are honestly out to make a difference and are doing the jobs to help others, honestly communicate, keep us informed, keep on getting ousted from their position, and those who do harm are never removed/getting all sorts of awards/rewards/recognition/monetary gains (as if they need it). This includes educators, health care workers, social workers, behavior care workers, drug/alcohol workers, ETC! Not to mention city council/administrators, lawyers, judges, preventers of this and that? As my worsening disabilities been getting worse I’ve not been able to go out to the tundra to pray, sing, write, scream to get the suppressed conditions out of my physical / spiritual / emotional / psychological / genetic system / religious systems out.
I want to congratulate Mianaq and Kailyn Ruby Ann Anvil for their year awards in their educational endeavors! Go for it and a humongous quyana for being role models.
However, there is something extremely wrong with the University of Alaska in how they waste time, money in “educating” the already very genius students! (Slow step-by-step approach!) I also want to commend the families/friends of Mianaq and Ms. Anvil.
CDQ programs – the deep flaws and the explorations of potential solutions maybe will someday be eyed as they REALLY are!
The former Calista Chairman, thank you for your honest, very factual letter to the Calista shareholders. Wayne, you’ve always been one of my biggest heroes when I first met you as a small embryo in utero, and I honestly felt all the great achievements that you’d do in aiding the YK Delta citizens and the rest of the universe! Quyana, quyana, quyana. If only childish jealousies didn’t exist, huh?
Donlin Gold Project: Projects like this really do not care about the repairable damages/contaminations to the air, waterways, land, the food chain. What they really want is money, money, money and the heck with everyone/everything here.
Dustin White, your letter to the editor, in my opinion, is more thorough than any educational advisor has ever done – thank you!
I wonder who coerced Barbara from Wasilla to support HB54? No matter how you say it the “compassionate” bill is murder! One of the most unignorable commandments is: Thou shalt not kill!
Jim Minnery, I hope to God that Barbara reads your letter over and over again until she asks herself why in heaven’s name did I write such a letter, and change her outlook in the matter.
The Chief of Police had nothing to report during the City Council meeting last night. Everyone please see the Cop Shop. Nothing to report? Can he not see the interrelations of these conditions to alcohol and drugs? Chief of Police, please ask yourself, “What was I hired for?”
Thank you Greg/Kelly. I’m feeling a lot better and relaxed that I can face the universal atrocities for the rest of my life.
May God’s blessing be upon every single person in the YK Delta/the whole country. Well! The whole universe and those who dwell in it. Thank you God, those who attempt to do right, our elders, and ancestors. Yours truly…
Ms. Mary C. Nanuwak
Bethel, AK