Bethel City Council appoints DeWitt to fill open seat

Michelle DeWitt was chosen to fill the open Bethel City Council seat during last week’s regular city council meeting under Special Order of Business.

DeWitt was one of five candidates who expressed interest in filling the vacant city council seat left open following the resignation of former council member Carole Jung-Jordan who resigned on September 23rd, 2019.

The candidates who signed up were Joni Beckham, Jon Cochrane, DeWitt, Rick Garcia, and Courtney Trammell.

Candidates gave their opening statements and answered questions from the currently seated council members.

Nominations were made for DeWitt and Trammell and DeWitt won by majority vote, 4-1.

DeWitt has lived in Bethel for over 20 years and has experience serving on the Parks, Recreation, Aquatic, Health and Safety Committee ever since it was formed.

“I want to be part of a city government that is thinking strategically about who we hire for leadership, how we support our administration in shaping our community, how we maximize the potential of the City of Bethel, how we engage the citizens of our town, and who we collaborate with as partners to ensure that this community is on a positive trajectory,” she said speaking telephonically. “If I am selected I will commit to the work of council.”

DeWitt’s term is until October 2020.

“Thank you to the candidates who applied. We had a great pool of candidates that applied for the last slot, I thought that was very impressive and a very good reflection on the City of Bethel,” said Mayor Barr.

Council member Springer added that every person who applied serves on a city commission or committee and that he hopes to see those names on the ballot during the next election.

City Clerk Lori Strickler administered the Oath of Office to DeWitt making it official.

Also under Special Order of Business was appreciation for outgoing city council members – former Vice Mayor Thor Williams, and council members Leif Albertson, Fritz Charles, Mitchell Forbes, and Carole Jung-Jordan.