Bea Kristovich

In memory of Bea Kristovich, whose journey on this earth ended June 2, 2022, we would like to share this poem with you. She will forever be in our hearts, and while we miss her fiercely, we find comfort in knowing she is dancing with the Angels in Heaven. The family of Bea Kristovich would like to thank all friends and family that made her memorial service(s) so special, honoring her life as spiritual, full, meaningful, fun, and challenging. We know her wish for you is that you be strong, see opportunity in the challenges you face and always, always find your voice for yourself and the people that you can help. Bea was a strong person that built long and lasting friendships by being true to herself. She always had a story to tell, welcomed you into her home, and made sure you left with something, even when she had little to give. That is who she was.

So Go and Run Free

So go and run free with the Angels, dance around the golden clouds. For the Lord has chosen you to be with him and we should feel nothing but proud.

Although He has taken you from us, and our pain a lifetime will last, your memory will never escape us, but make us glad for the time we did have.

Your face will always be hidden deep inside our hearts, each precious moment you gave us shall never, ever depart.

So go and run free with the Angels as they sing so tenderly. And please be sure to tell them to take good care of you until we all meet again. ~ Author Unknown

The Kristovich Family

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