Be proud of your education and job accomplishments

by Peter Twitchell

First I believe that congratulations are in order here to Bethel residents and Bethel’s latest Mayor Perry Barr. His success in life has brought him here to deliver the will of the citizens of Bethel to fruition.

The City of Bethel will be a good place to live again in harmony because he understands the people in rural Alaska and the complexities the people face on a daily basis in the village. Give Mayor Barr your moral support, he deserves that.

Personally I have every confidence he will accomplish a lot of good. I can say this because I am a Bethel man born and raised there. I am there by spirit and one day my bones will rest in Bethel soil.

We have been stuck a long time with high cost of living. As a people we have to become self-sufficient and work together. It’ll be good to support local businesses, local workforce to get the job done. Our young people are now college educated.

We need to strive for a bank of resumes of our youth who are putting their best foot forward. Be proud of your education and job accomplishments. Put them up on facebook for all to see and draw from when they need a hand and skillful employees instead of constantly importing professionals from outside the region.

We are growing our own intelligent and technologically advanced youth. We need to begin grooming and pointing them in the right direction!

I’m a firm believer that God puts people in our lives. We are all here for the sole purpose of helping someone. All through my 69 winters on this earth, Creator God has always put someone in my life, one of His many blessings for each one of us. That person has always turned my life around.

I was on a path to my own demise. Someone was there to change my course from imminent self-destruction. It was like I was one solitary drink to alcohol poisoning of myself. Millie came up here from Tampa, Florida to call Bethel Police Officer Achee who put me in the clink (YKCC).

I was 45 years old in 1995, and I despised the experience of being locked up in jail, my first time being locked up. I decided to quit drinking after 3 days of losing my freedom!

I relish my liberty in this life. And one of my passions is music and playing and writing my own songs. Today I am fortunate to play in 4 (four) different bands. I thank God for the privilege. Quyana.