AVCP mourns the passing of former AVCP 2nd Traditional Chief, Bea Kristovich

The AVCP Executive Board and Staff offer condolences to the immediate and extended family of Bea Kristovich.

Bea was born in Napaimute and lived most of her life in Bethel. She was a leader for the Y-K Delta and devoted a lot of time to education and working to protect Native rights. Bea was a trailblazer. As the first woman to hold the position of AVCP Second Traditional Chief, she demonstrated to everyone what is possible for our Tribes and Tribal organizations. She always thought about the region’s people first and tried to help everyone.

After being elected as Second Traditional Chief during AVCP’s 51st annual convention, Bea said, “Women were always left out…the men were the leaders. But over the years, there’s been more people, or more ladies, more women getting more active, going into active roles as leaders from the villages. And they’re still silent. But I think being the first one, it will show these other younger generations that they can do it.”

We will miss her and her strong leadership.

From a 2017 Letter of Appreciation to Bea from AVCP’s Executive Board:

You accepted the role as second traditional chief in addition to the many other responsibilities you had – family, civic duties, and other volunteer opportunities. Thank you for attending board meetings – for arriving early and staying late. Thank you for encouraging the executive board – for always helping us brainstorm solutions. Thank you for challenging the executive board– for pushing us to strive for the best outcome.