Archery Nationals Trip 2017

Photo by Rafe Johnson (2016)

by Rafe Johnson

We had an excellent trip this year. The four coaches took 15 kids ranging from 4th-10th grade down to Louisville, Kentucky to participate in NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) National Tournament. The kids were well behaved and used their manners. We had many compliments on their behavior in every place we traveled.
The students shot in three different tournaments while we were down in Louisville. On Thursday evening we participated in the Centershot Ministries tournament. Friday morning the kids shot in the bull’s-eye tournament and on Saturday morning, finishing off our shooting, our archers shot in the 3D tournament.
Overall, our archers shot very well. We had a couple of kids shoot some personal bests. Jordan Wheeler shot her best score ever at Nationals with a 277 out of 300. Gareth Rice had an outstanding week of shooting. He shot 280 in 3D, 289 in the bull’s-eye and 290 in the Centershot Tournament!! He is the first Bethel archer to shoot 290 in a tournament.
Next year we are headed to Utah where the National Archery in the Schools Program will have a new Western Nationals tournament. It is anticipated that many new schools from Western States will participate in the mid April event.