BNC 43rd Shareholders Meeting

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by Ana Hoffman

Bethel Native Corporation is a for-profit village corporation formed under ANCSA. On May 6, 2017 the forty-third annual shareholders meeting was held in Bethel.
At this meeting, shareholders re-elected directors A. Louise Charles, Stanley Tundy Rodgers and Mary Kenick to serve additional three year terms.
The annual meeting was well attended by shareholders and executive management reviewed corporate activities and financial results of the prior year.
Bethel Native Corporation is headquartered in Bethel, Alaska with subsidiary offices in Anchorage, Seattle, San Diego and Honolulu. Bethel’s companies are active in construction, logistics, property management, environmental remediation, consulting, water and sewer structure engineering, government contracting, retail, and theater operations.
Bethel Native Corporation is also a commercial real estate developer with diversified property holdings in Bethel, Anchorage and Colorado.
Following the annual meeting, the Board of Directors met on May 18, 2017 and elected the board officers. Lyman Hoffman was elected Chairman of the Board. Other officers include A. Louise Charles, Vice-Chair; Stanley Rodgers Sr., Treasurer; Donna Lindsey, Secretary; and Gregory Hoffman Sr., Assistant Secretary.
Robert Hoffman, Robert Lekander, Henry Hunter Sr. and Mary Kenick all serve as members of the Board of Directors.
Ana Hoffman serves as the President/CEO of Bethel Native Corporation and all of its subsidiary companies.