A Wake-Up Call

by Peter Twitchell

It amazes me how Creator Almighty God will give us a wake-up call. I have heard a lot of complaining about our current situation with COVID-19 virus. For one thing, we have examined our financial situation. In most cases not too good.

It was stated about 30 percent of all Americans have a thousand dollars in their savings accounts, and some of us don’t have any funds put away. A few of us were told by our Elders to save our money. Some, but few listened.

Elders try to help us from their own experiences and what they learned. Isn’t their knowledge worth anything?

We try and put all the blame on someone else for our situation. Pardon me? Each and every one of us are responsible for his/her situation.

I was driven to work. The engine behind me was Mom and Grandma Hannah who were my instructors while growing. The same could be said of every village throughout history.

The Elders share their wisdom with all who will listen. Unfortunately some will not submit until it is too late. Failure to commit to our relationships with others often turn us upside down, and we complain till we turn blue in the face.

Money isn’t the only investment we make in our lives. We invest in our relationships to reveal to the next generation our strengths.

Never give up! Pain without gain is a shame.