A Public Service Announcement from BRHS

by Sgt. Calvetti

Hope everyone is doing well during these trying times. The Bethel Regional High School Administration and staff would like to reach out to the families on methods on how to contact the administration as well as the teachers.

First and foremost during school hours, the front desk will answer the phone at 543-3957. The front desk can put you through to whomever you need to speak to. If they are unavailable, you can leave a message for them to contact you back. When you talk to the personnel at the front desk you can also ask them to check your information in power school. This information is how teachers and administration personnel contact you as the parent.

Your teacher sent home a syllabus with the first packet of the year. Inside this packet is the contact information for your teacher directly. If you inadvertently sent the syllabus back or do not have the syllabus anymore, another can be sent your way in the next week’s packet.

Your classes are transferring from paper to digital. The main platform for this instruction is going to be the Keynote program. If you have questions about how to use keynote, there is an instructional video that you will receive when you get your material airdropped here at the school. There will be a different instructional video depending on whether you are junior high or high school. This initial formatting of your classes will get better over the semester. Please be patient and don’t hesitate to contact your teachers if you need assistance with the school work.

Again welcome back to BRHS and together we will make it work. The contact information is as follows.

BRHS: 543-3957

Email Address: [email protected]