A cleaner future

by Peter Twitchell

As a boy in the Early Years of my childhood the sky was clear and the sun shown brightly in the 1950s. Our skies were not polluted like they are today with the haze of pollutants from the world’s industrialized nations.

Perhaps the greater populations and pollution has created the rapid heating of our world. Polluted oceans and our environment creates a bubble that doesn’t allow heat to dissipate as easily as it used to.

You can imagine the causes of our overheating planet and it’s not good.

Today in Reno, Nevada I saw several electric city buses. They were quiet and didn’t have plumes of smelly dark smoke our regular city buses have and it made me feel so good. Even big buses are going electric.

This is the answer to a cleaner future and world without the smog we are leaving our children, grand, and great-grandkids! Without question we have to leave our children with the same clean environment we grew up in.

At the same time, I saw the ugliness we are creating with cars and trucks that are backfiring. We are creating spewing noxious fumes the billions of vehicles and planes are leaving in the air daily. We must speed up the production of affordable electric motorized means of travel.

We have abandoned this idea that our once pristine world is a good dumping ground for batteries full of toxic acids and chemicals, tires they have fished out of Lake Tahoe, which in time releases deadly chemicals not only to us but our food chain.

And walking down the streets of Reno I see cigarette butts we toss on the ground because it’s convenient for us. For starters I was invited to the Donlin Creek Gold Camp to see their operation. No one is allowed to toss cigarette butts on the ground there. What a great practice of learning to respect our Mother Earth again. Thank you.

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