2018 #BethelGives Campaign

photo by Greg Lincoln

by the Bethel Community Services Foundation

Bethel Community Services Foundation announces the beginning of the 2018 #BethelGives Campaign, sponsored by Bethel Community Services Foundation and eleven local nonprofit organizations.
The aim of #BethelGives is to offer Bethel and the YK Delta community increased opportunities to support local organizations as we all prepare for winter and the holiday season – a time of great generosity and great need.
The eleven groups that will be participating in #BethelGives this year are: Bethel Search and Rescue, Bethel Winter House Shelter, Bethel Council on the Arts, Tundra Women’s Coalition, Bethel Friends of Canines, YK Delta Lifesavers, Future Delta Nurses, KYUK, Bethel Family Clinic, Kuskokwim Consortium Library (Bethel Library) and Yuut Elitnaurviat.
#BethelGives is an extension of a national and international campaign- #GivingTuesday- which encourages people all over the world to following the shopping mayhem of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with generosity that changes lives in their own local communities. On #GivingTuesday, people around the USA and world will share their time, talents and treasure with their neighbors in need, often through local organizations.
This year, we will be offering thank you gifts for #BethelGives contributions at the $50 level, at the $100 level and at the $150 level. Thank you gifts will be assigned as follows:
Any contribution: #BethelGives Sticker
$50 contribution: #BethelGives Sticker and #BethelGives Reusable Grocery Tote
$100 contribution: #BethelGives Sticker, and your choice of a #BethelGives Reusable Grocery Tote or a #BethelGives Polar Fleece Buff
$150 contribution: #BethelGives Sticker, and your choice of a #BethelGives Reusable Grocery Tote, a #BethelGives Polar Fleece Buff, or a #BethelGives Hoodie
Thank you gifts will be offered for donations made at the following locations: AC, Swanson’s, Saturday Markets, online at bcsfoundation.org or bethelgives.org and in person at the BCSF Office.
*To claim thank you gifts for contributions made at AC or Swanson’s, donors will need to save their grocery receipts, which will act as the record of their contribution.
In 2018, there are several ways to support the #BethelGives campaign:
Online: Contributions to the #BethelGives Campaign will be accepted through www.bethelgives.org or www.bcsfoundation.org.
Grocery stores: We are excited to announce that the 2018 #BethelGives Campaign will be rolling out, starting November 1, 2018, with the opportunity for community members to contribute $2, $10 or $20 to the campaign with every grocery purchase at AC or Swanson’s Grocery! This opportunity will be available throughout the entire month of November. Ask your cashier to scan the barcode at their station if you would like to make a contribution at the register.
Wish Book: Local nonprofit agencies and organizations, as well as BCSF, will also be distributing our 2018 #BethelGives Wish Book. We encourage everyone to help improve our community by considering donating – either tangible items or cash gifts – to one or more of the organizations listed in the Wish Book. The Wish Book is available online at www.bcsfoundation.org and www.bethelgives.org. Physical copies of the book can be found at all participating organizations and at cash registers and customer service desks throughout Bethel.
Small Businesses: Local small businesses around Bethel will also be participating in the 2018 #BethelGives Campaign. Keep your eye out for #BethelGives signs in business windows and information posted at www.bethelgives.org and on social media about ways that you can support local small businesses that are supporting the #BethelGives campaign.
Saturday Markets: #BethelGives volunteers will be available at the November 17th and November 24th Saturday Markets to collect contributions and distribute thank you gifts. Contributions made during Saturday Markets may be designated to the campaign as a whole or to individual organizations that are participating in the campaign. #BethelGives gift bags and certificates will be available so that you can make a contribution and give that contribution as a gift for a friend or family member.
Fill-The-Stocking Drive: We will be marking #GivingTuesday by standing outside at Watson’s Corner on Tuesday, November 27th during lunch and after work to collect cash donations for the #BethelGives Campaign. We will also have volunteers at AC, Swanson’s and the BNC lobby during lunch and after work on November 27th to collect donations.
Phone, Mail and In-Person Contributions: Contributions to the #BethelGives Campaign will be accepted over the phone at 907-545-8483, in-person at the BCSF office, located at 1795 Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway, or by mail at PO Box 2189 Bethel, AK 99559.
Monetary contributions to #BethelGives made at AC, Swanson’s Grocery, at Watson’s Corner, online or over the phone will be split evenly amongst the participating organizations. Contributions made at Saturday Market can be allocated to specific individual organizations OR the campaign as a whole. Donations of Wish Book items may be made by contacting the participating agency directly.