The Power of Music

by Peter Twitchell

I have always believed that music unites us! No matter who we are on this planet we have that in common. It is one common denominator we share in our journey through life.

I have been inspired by a divine and supernatural inspiration. I was a toddler in a diaper listening to mom sing songs from a hymnal. She was singing songs like, “My Faith Looks Up to Thee”, “Give of Your Best to the Master”, and Dad singing “Pistol Packing Mama, Ain’t She Sweet” and “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder”.

I have had music in my heart for the past 69 years! But have had an eye opening revelation today (2.11.20)! Every time I sing a song from the Hymnal, I am communicating with my higher power, and vice-versa.

The music in my soul has a very important component in it – “healing”. This world has beat me up emotionally, mentally, which has affected the way I felt about myself and others around me.

In the final analysis, I can say, at the end of a tough journey through the valley of death of my joy, happiness, and peace of mind, I am happy. Music healed me from within.

I can connect the dots now and understand my peace, love, and joy and where it came from. Through the turmoil, the music soothed my exhausted mental state. Forgiveness is the key that opens that locked door.

Music illuminates the truth.

I bought a hymnal from the Family Value Store the other day. I went from page 1 and flipped the pages singing songs I hadn’t sung since childhood. It was healing for me.