Marijuana protest resolution passes

Building deemed unsafe

The Bethel City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution protesting the issuance of a retail marijuana license to Alaska Grown Cannabis proposing to operate at 230 Tundra Way in Bethel.

According to Resolution 19-09, which was brought forth by council member Carole Jung-Jordan, the Administrative Report from the City identified concerns that the proposed location is connected to a premises identified by the State Deputy Fire Marshal to have fire and life safety hazards which were discovered after a Fire and Life Safety Inspection conducted on May 11, 2018.

240 Tundra Way is an apartment complex which is physically attached to the proposed location for the retail marijuana license.

“Due to this proximity and the type of hazards identified, the Council does not feel the property would be safe for any type of occupancy,” says Res. 19-09.

The inspection of 240 Tundra Way identified 15 points of concern and correction and required the immediate vacation of the property and the implementation of a fire watch on the building while it is occupied.

As of July 17th, 2019, which is the date of the administrative report, the applicant had not yet applied for a conditional use permit with the City’s Planning Department.

“Just to let the record reflect, there was a person from Alaska Grown Cannabis who wanted to talk…, but they are not here. I just wanted the public to know, and the council to know,” said presiding officer Vice Mayor Williams.

The vote to adopt Resolution 19-09 passed 5-0. Vice Mayor Thor Williams, and council members Leif Albertson, Perry Barr, Mitchell Forbes, and Jung-Jordan all voted yea.

The deadline for council to protest on this application is August 26th, 2019.

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