Close elections

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

Did you know that your vote could change the outcome of an election? That is why it is important to cast your ballot. Here are some examples:

Back in 2016, there was a runoff election in REAA 22. During the first round of voting there were three candidates who received 49, 47, and 39 votes. The state held a runoff election for the top two candidates by mail. The candidate who received 47 votes in the first round received the most votes in the runoff, they won by seven – 47 to 40.

Another runoff was held in 2014 for REAA 23. There were five candidates in a close election, only seven votes separated the top four vote getters. There was a runoff for the top two and the winner was elected by seven votes.

And again in 2009, a candidate in REAA 5 won by only 2 votes in the runoff. Same thing in 2008 for REAA 5, the first round of voting was close: 31, 41, 49, and 30. In the runoff, the person who received 41 was the winner in the second round. They won by 13 votes.

In 2018 in our State election one vote helped declare Bart LeBon to the State House in District 1, over Kathryn Dodge in the General Election, following a recount and appeal to the Alaska Supreme Court.

It was high stakes in 2006 when there was a tie in State House District 37 between Bryce Edgmon and Carl Moses during the Primary Election. It was 50/50 with 767 votes each as a result of the outcome of an appeal to a recount. A coin toss determined Edgmon as the winner and he went on to appear as the Democratic nominee in the general election.

So every vote counts, you never know if you’ll be the one to cast that winning ballot.