State of Alaska District Court in Bethel June 18 – 21

Brian Wassillie Fancyboy, 24 Manslaughter 7 Yrs., 5 Yrs. Prob.
Carlie Ashepak, 32 2nd Degree Robbery, 4th Degree Theft, 4th Degree Assault 3 Yrs., 30 Days,5 Yrs. Prob.
Leonard F. J. Kilanak, 29 Alcohol Beverages Transported by Common Carrier 1 Yr. Prob.
Eliza R. L. Alexie, 25 Alcohol Beverages Transported by Common Carrier 1 Yr. Prob.
Merlin P. Felix, 28 Alcohol Beverages Transported by Common Carrier 1 Yr. Prob.
Edward Sam Yako, 40 Reckless Endangerment, 3rd Degree Assault 30 Days 2 Yrs.
Francis Harpak, 49 4th Degree Criminal Mischief 1 Yr. Prob.
Reece Swope-Tony, 19 Reckless Endangerment 90 Days, 2 Yrs. Prob.
Kareem Paul A. Roberts, 28 3rd Degree Assault 6 Mos., 5 Yrs. Prob.
Brandon Hoelscher, 26 4th Degree Assault 60 Days
Rachael Evans, 37 Driving Under the Influence 20 Days, $3000, 3 Yrs. Prob.
Matilda Bee, 57 2nd Degree Harassment 1 Yr. Prob.
Emmanuel Atchak, 29 4th Degree Assault 60 Days, 3 Yrs. Prob.
Steven Martin Alexie, 40 Violate Conditions of Release, Driving Under the Influence $4000, 65 Days 2 Yrs. Prob.
Lloyd C. Kinegak, 40 Violate Conditions of Release $100
Eric Small, 31 Disorderly Conduct $100
Hazel R. Kaganak, 66 Alcohol Beverages Transported by $100, 1 Yr. Prob.
Jamie Hunter, 34 2nd Degree Criminal Trespassing 5 Days
Louise P. Hansen, 52 Send/Bring Alcohol to Dry Area 3 Days, $1500, 1 Yr. Prob.

Probation violations
Edward S. Yako, 40 Violated Conditions of Probation
Donovan L. Rosander, 40 Violated Conditions of Probation 23 Mos.
Brandon Hoelscher, 26 Violated Conditions of Probation
Daniel Alexander Alexie, 28 Violated Conditions of Probation
Tony Washington Sr., 59 Violated Conditions of Probation
Jerome John Williams, 30 Violated Conditions of Probation
John Baptiste C. Prince, 23 Violated Conditions of Probation 30 Days

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