A volunteer effort

As I read Peter Twitchell’s column in the Delta Discovery I was humbled by the recognition but knew I had to set the record straight. I began drilling graves shortly after I began working at Bethel Utilities Corp in 1986, but there were other employees of BUC who provided this service for the local population as they grieved for their loved ones that passed on. There were others who assisted with this service of providing jackhammers, tools & backhoes and many wonderful volunteers to help too.
Craig Rogers
Bethel, AK

Let’s support the next generation of leaders
This is a reminder to vote for the Annual Meeting. With over 20,000 new shareholders enrolled, it may be a challenge to meet this year’s quorum requirement. And when you do vote, vote for Loren Peterson. He is a sophisticated emerging leader that is willing to step up and help do the right thing. I grew up with Loren and he has always been an over-achiever and I know he will do his best with integrity and with shareholders in mind. It’s time for to support the next generation of leaders so we are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Quyana.
Shirley Kowchee
Mountain Village, AK
Very big thank you for the successful search
On behalf of Nick & Dolly Phillip and the Native Village of Kongiganak tribal members, we the Kongiganak Traditional Council would like to express our “QUYANA CAKNEQ” for the successful search for one of our tribal members who was found after one week out in the tundra. Very big thanks to Search and Rescue teams from Kwigillingok, Tuntutuliak, Quinhagak, and two (2) from Akiachak. The other two main donors are Donlin Gold for monetary donation for gas and food and RAVN for bringing water bottles, food and snacks for the searchers without any freight charge. Thanks to the family from Atmautluak who donated groceries. Thanks to all the families and volunteers who used their ATVs, boats and even walking the tundra searching for him.
On behalf of Nick Phillip Family, we the Kongiganak Traditional Council express our very big thank you all. Comment by Nick Phillip was “GOD IS POWERFUL”. Then let us praise God in happy moments, seek God in difficult times, worship God in quiet moments, trust God in painful moments and finally THANK GOD EVERY MOMENT. With much respect…
Roland P. Andrew, Tribal Administrator
Kongiganak, AK

Thank you CVRF for supporting our youth
I work with some needy families here in Hooper Bay. It’s sad that some are considered “over income” when the prices of buying food or needs is going sky high. Some “over income” people work to put food on their tables and it is getting so expensive. Just because someone has a full time job does not mean needs are being met.
I want to thank CVRF for providing the youth no matter how much “over income” they are considered with jobs and it is good that they concentrate on teaching subsistence and survival. Helping the elders in the community. This is showing the youth to respect elders. Once again, thank you for teaching our youth!
Agnes R. Carl
Hooper Bay, AK

Thoughts of loved ones, upcoming elections
When my younger brother John (Tan’gaucuaq) passed away when I was 1.5 years old, a huge part of being had died. He and I were best friends and did everything together. When the Catholic Church gave our father an ultimatum to leave us, my happy brother went into depression, lost interest in everything.
He hung onto me with physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological being. He died of a broken heart when our dad left us. All of this affected me in so many ways.
When my mother passed away on November 19, 1994 the above was lived all over again, explicitly plain as if it happened only 2 seconds ago. I thought I’d never smile again and I didn’t for years.
I at least had my brother Tony who again was equal in everything – smart, kind, who saw what needed to be done to make life better for all in the universe, etc. Then he died of lung cancer in February 1994. I was with him throughout, during which he shared a lot. Other people did/said horrendous things as to why he had lung cancer and made our time together sad and made us feel “do others have no feeling?” When this happened we’d pray all night long for thoughtless relatives, friends that they’d see everything as they really are.
When he passed away, I relived all of the above, plus how his children seemed to see me as someone to be really be with them, listen to them, do all sorts of activities together.
Thank God! I often feel they’re still with me, AND they are! Oh how I love these three. So gifted, did incredible deeds in their lifetime, as well as forgiving.
I know that Greg and Kelly, you’re going through what I, and many others, went through, AND are still going through.
Bless you, I pray for you many times a day, many times a night and admire your courage, tenacity, and doing so much to improve life for all.
Federal, state, local elections are coming up which means ANY voter/citizen can run for any seat. It’s good to see that many talented/down to earth/human oriented are running. I’m particularly happy that Ron Hoffman, Robert Hoffman, Marcie Sherer, Loren Peterson, and Edward Beans are running for Calista Board. These individuals are extremely intelligent and really believe in helping all human beings. Please vote for them! I certainly will!
There are two who fit into the above persons, AND has constitutional right to run. No one has denied so many criminally backgrounded to not run – President Trump being a good example, and who all his life has seemed to agitate others into messing around, and messing up everyone, and everything! This also includes health care providers, public safety, schools, churches, social services, etc., etc., etc.!
Wayne Don and George Owletuck Jr. are the very upright, and law-abiding citizens of the universe whose aims in life to help all people! What is wrong with that, may I ask? Wayne and George are a type who loves their enemies and never says or does anything negative. Why do these who have so much to hide do this to those who are the most innocent? Why are there so many puppets within all Governing bodies? The same goes for Calista in Bethel.
Ms. Mary C. Nanuwak
Bethel, AK

Chevak Clean Up Green Up Thanks
The 2018 Chevak Community Clean Up/Green Up was a great success with 1,314 trash gathered by the 146 participants! There were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each age categories of 3-9, 10-13, and 14-18 year olds, congratulations to all the winners! Also, there were 95 households that participated in cleaning their yards, quyana cakneq!
Chevak TC Environmental Department would like extend our gratitude to our sponsors: Chevak Company Corporation, City of Chevak, Chevak TC, Donlin Gold, Calista, Northeat Hearth & Home, Mailbox Groceries, YKHC, AVEC, and Everts Air Cargo. We also thank Kashunamiut School District and Chevak TC, for hauling off the litter gathered by the kids! If we haven’t mentioned any other organization, it is not intentional but we thank you for all of your support!
We are also ever so grateful for our volunteers, Naomi and Tyra Brown, Marsha Ayuluk, and Chuck Slats.
Let’s all continue to help keep Chevak clean by not littering and encouraging our youth not to litter. Help take care of our lands just as our ancestors have done for thousands of years, with pride, respect, and love.
Thank you all for helping keep Chevak beautiful again. Tawa-i-ngunrituq!!!
Cynthia R. Paniyak, Environmental Coordinator
JoAnn Bennett-Brown, Environmental Assistant
Chevak Native Village/Chevak Traditional Council

Murkowski Statement on Family Separation
U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) released the following statement on the practice of separating children and parents at the U.S. border.
The time is now for the White House to end the cruel, tragic separations of families. They are not consistent with our values. The thousands of children taken from their parents and families must be reunited as quickly as possible and be treated humanely while immigration proceedings are pending. ‎I am troubled that those seeking asylum are being turned away before they even have the opportunity to file their papers. While I have said that this is a policy discussion that needs to be had, in my view we should not have a policy designed to separate families, particularly mothers with young children, without a clear process and focus on the needs of the children. To blame previous administrations for a wrong committed today is not acceptable. The Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security should make the call today. If the administration does not fix this and fast, we in Congress must.
Senator Lisa Murkowski
Washington D.C.