Muskoxen harmed by poachers

On 4/2/17 a report was received about multiple musk ox which had been shot near a snowmachine trail between the Bethel dump and Akiachak. According to the complainant, one cow musk ox was dead, and another bull was staggering around with one eye shot out and injuries to other parts as well. The second fatally wounded musk ox was put down, and subsequent investigation revealed that both animals had been shot numerous times. Individuals on four wheelers were seen near the musk ox at the time the musk ox were first discovered after being shot. No meat was salvaged from the musk ox by those responsible for the unlawful shootings.

The Alaska Wildlife Troopers are seeking information on the person or people responsible for shooting these musk ox. Anyone with information in this case is urged to contact Alaska Wildlife Troopers at 907-574-0491, or Alaska Fish and Wildlife SafeGuard at 1-800-478-3377. Information resulting in the prosecution of these offenders could result in a reward.