Lost pets need help being found

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

In our small town sometimes we hear of pets getting lost. It happens almost weekly, I am sorry to say, and this last week it happened to us.

We are happy to say that our pet is safe and sound at home here with us in our loving arms. And we have our neighbors to thank for keeping an eye out for him, and also our advocates at the Bethel Friends of Canines.

This dog of ours has some kind of strain of wanderlust in his genes. He was missing for over 12 hours, more like 14 hours. And it was something that we do not ever want to go through again.

What ever was he doing all that time while we were so frantically searching for him?

I think we looked a little strange walking around everywhere, and then driving slowly back and forth. We’re so sorry if we looked suspicious especially in the middle of the night.

Through the advantages of social media, BFK9s was able to alert the public. It did not take long for the word to get out because within an hour we got the call that he had been spotted, right here in our neighborhood.

During those trying and fearful hours, it was hard to keep those certain “thoughts” from running through our minds. What helped was that we spoke positively, that he would come home.

So quyana cakneq to our neighbors down the street who spotted our dog and called us. If you hadn’t cared, we would have continued with the anguish and suffering. Thank you for waiting for Kelly to arrive while you kept vigilant watch in the area.

Thank you to our nephew who searched the area looking and calling. You even went bravely house to house with the missing dog flyer asking folks if they had seen him. And we know that you love our dog as if he were yours.

Thank you so much to BFK9s for your immediate assistance in this effort. We are so thankful for your help and also for your mission-driven work in our community to help find loving homes for our animals. Our town is blessed beyond measure to have such a great organization as yours to help us in our times of need.

And also quyana to the community for your encouragement and for your support during this effort.

We made the decision to be pet owners and our pets are like our children. When they are lost it is a traumatic time, and we will do anything to find them. We hope that all pets are kept safe, they are part of family. You are their world.

When we got him back, he was dirty of course so into the tub he went. Then he slept, and we also slept the sleep of exhausted dog parents who finally got their dog back after a rough night of worry.

So if you see a dog wandering around or hurt or in distress, please help if you can. Somewhere there may be a family who is looking for them.