Legal disagreements amicably resolved between Calista and Director Don

Calista is pleased to announce that the legal disagreements between Wayne Don and Calista have been amicably resolved and the lawsuit titled Calista v. Don has been dismissed.

Calista is retracting the public censure and sanctions of Wayne Don. Calista acknowledges that Wayne Don has acted in good faith in the performance of his duties to Calista. Calista is pleased to announce Robert Beans will remain chair of the Board. The Board and Management are committed to serving the interests of the Calista Shareholders to the best of their ability.

“I am very happy for all shareholders that the litigation has been resolved and Calista has acknowledged that my actions were and continue to be in good faith,” says Don. “I am also very happy that they retracted the sanctions and public censure. I look forward to continue to serve the best interests of all Calista shareholders.”