Kyle Daniel Paul “Tengemaq” Wassillie March 1, 1991 – July 30, 2017

Kyle Tengem Wassillie was born on March 1, 1991 to Eliza Bessie Wassillie and Boris Epchook in Nunapitchuk. Kyle was raised in Nunapitchuk by his Mom, Aunts Martha Wassillie and Sophie Wade, and his uncles Peter S. and John D. Wassillie, along with his siblings David Wassillie, Christian “Crissy” Stewart, and Roselyn and Ariel Wassillie.

As he got older he learned he had more siblings on his dad’s side, Vanessa and Jessica Epchook and would go to Kwethluk and Akiachak to spend some time with them and his dad. After his children James and Mary Wassillie were born he stayed home more often to take care of them. “Lala” had a bright personality, which made it easy for him to make friends of all ages everywhere he went, always had a way with teasing his friends and family to make them laugh, he especially would tease and annoy his sisters and nieces in a loving and funny way.

Kyle worked at Nunapitchuk Limited as a stock boy and sub-gas attendant, and also at the City as a sub Village Police Officer. When he wasn’t at work he loved to go out hunting, camping and gathering wood for his family.

Kyle leaves behind his parents Eliza B. Wassillie and Boris Epchook, Brother David Wassillie, Sisters Christian Stewart, Roselyn and Ariel Wassillie, Vanessa and Jessica Epchook, Aunts Martha Wassillie and Sophie Wade, Uncles Peter S. and John D. Wassillie, Son James Wassillie, daughters Mary Wassillie and Leann Tikiun, and Nieces Kylee and Ellie Berlin.

The Wassillies would like to Thank Napaskiak Health Aides and VPSO for responding when he needed help, City of Nunapitchuk and Kwethluk Inc. for paying for the coffin to get to Nunapitchuk. Nunapitchuk IRA Council, Nunapitchuk Limited, and City of Nunapitchuk for the donations, Janeen Benn for helping with finding and purchasing a coffin, Moses Brink for making the cross, Wassillie Pleasant with paying for Roselyn’s airfare home, Trent Daniel for helping with all the arrangements, Heather Brink for writing the obituary, the VPO’s and men who helped bring his body and coffin home from the airport, everyone who also washed and clothed him, the people who dug the grave, and also for all who have been there for comfort, donated food and supplies, and also those who helped with chores. If we have missed anyone we apologize and thank you all for the help and comfort you have given us.

The Memorial Service for Kyle “Tengem” Wassillie was on Sunday, August 6, 2017.

Cross Bearer: Terence Chris; Honorary Pallbearers: Alexander Tobeluk, Trevor Tikiun, Brandon Sumi, William Tobeluk, Brandon Nicholai, Kenyon Alexie, Jerome Paul, Cameron Tobeluk, and Carlson Tobeluk.

Pallbearers: VPO’s – Matthew “Elijah” Norton, Roman “Trent” Daniel, Curtis Nicholai, Willis Small, Charles Alexie, and Omri Tobeluk. In Memory: David A. Wassillie, Sally Wassillie, Wassillie A. Wassillie, M. Anna Wassillie, Paul Albert, Anecia Andrew, Marie Wassillie, Yako Harp, Ivan Wassillie, Andrew A. Wassillie, John Wassillie Jr., John Gregory Jr., Charlene Tobeluk, John Wassillie Sr., Anna A. Wassillie, and Daniel K. Wassillie.