Kuskokwim Ice Classic deadline approaching

The Kuskokwim Ice Classic pod is up and ready for when the ice moves on the river in front of Bethel.

The Kuskokwim Ice Classic deadline of April 16th at 5pm is quickly approaching, so make sure to get your tickets! The jackpot is set at $12,500- the largest jackpot in recent history!

Phone sales to buy guesses for the Ice Classic are now open. The Ice Classic sales phone number is 907-545-8483. If you live in Bethel, Kwigillingok, Napaskiak, Aniak or Hooper Bay, please buy tickets locally to support the youth groups in your community. For those of you living elsewhere, phone sales are your best option.

Please make sure you get your guesses in sooner rather than later, as we’re expecting a high volume of calls as we get closer to the deadline of Monday, April 16 at 5pm. Tickets are $5 for one guess or $20 for a book of five guesses. If you call in a guess, it’s helpful if you have already selected the month/day/hour/minute and a.m/p.m. that you wish to guess and have your credit or debit card handy before you call.

Participating youth groups earn half the proceeds from their ticket sales, benefiting youth in Bethel as well as participating villages. In Bethel, the sales groups are Kuskokwim Learning Academy, YK Delta Lifesavers, Teens Acting Against Violence and Delta Illusions Dance Co. Sales in Kwigillingok and Napaskiak are by the senior classes, in Aniak see Jenny Nicoli who is raising money for Mix-Six Volleyball, and in Hooper Bay sales benefit tribal youth programs.

Please check out our website at iceclassic.org or find us on Facebook: Kuskokwim Ice Classic and Twitter: @kuskoiceclassic, for updates. If you have any questions, please contact Ice Classic manager Haley Hanson at 907-545-6677.