Don’t forget who is in charge

by Peter Twitchell

In the Bible, God’s Holy Word, it says “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” That is His Promise to us.

Although we (I) have left Him in my past. I did a lot of boasting of my accomplishments in my short 69 years walking the tundra, hills, and streams. It all became possible through the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who sustains me.

I asked for his pardon, and forgiveness today and invited Him into my heart.

“Not my will, but yours Lord be done through me.”

We were created to be like Him. When you really look at who we are and why we are here, I have come to a conclusion. How I am when the world is watching me is not who I am when I am home.

We (I) forget who is in charge of my life and I do my own will.

I spoke to a retired pilot who logged 36,000 hours flying aircraft from 12,000 horse power single engine to 30,000 horse power jets. He told me flying is hours of boredom and a few moments of sheer terror!

Our human nature has vision of DOOM! When severe turbulence has the power to rip apart an aircraft of any size. When we panic and call out to God – SAVE ME!!! Where is our hope? We either have it or we don’t!