Calista Corporation statement on Donlin Gold Project 401 Certification

by Calista Corp. Staff

Calista (cha-LIS-tah) Corporation issued the following statement after a decision from Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Jason Brune on the Donlin Gold Project’s Section 401 Certification:

“As landowner, Calista is committed to developing a mining operation consistent with our Elders’ vision of responsible development that creates jobs and economic benefits while safeguarding our environment and culture. The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act obligates us to manage Calista lands to achieve self-determination and socio-economic benefits for our Shareholders.

Before, during and after development, the Donlin Gold Project must meet strict water quality standards that protect salmon and all other aquatic life. The ADEC Commissioner has an important role in regulating water quality, and there has been disagreement about how ADEC applies those water quality standards to the Donlin Gold Project.

After an Administrative Law Judge weighed in on this issue with a proposed decision, the ADEC Commissioner had several options, including rejecting the proposed decision, adopting it in whole or in part, or returning the matter to the Division of Water. Calista respects the process and remains committed to advancing the Donlin Gold Project and protecting the subsistence way of life in our Region.”

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