Alaska Air Cargo returns to Unalakleet after 45 years

Alaska Air Cargo now serves the community of Unalakleet. Unalakleet (UNK) is located on Alaska’s Norton Sound at the mouth of the Unalakleet River, 148 miles southeast of Nome and 395 miles northwest of Anchorage. Similar to Nome, Bethel and Kotzebue, Unalakleet is a hub of activity for many of the small Arctic villages surrounding it.

“We’ll deliver inbound mail, groceries and needed supplies, and support the commercial fishing industry with outbound shipping of seafood,” said Alaska Air Cargo.

Alaska Airlines served Unalakleet from the 1950s to 1975 with DC-3s, DC-4s, the Convair 340, the Lockheed Constellation, and finally the Boeing 727-100, before the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) cancelled the service. At one time Alaska Air Cargo even had a regional hub in Unalakleet.

Alaska Air Cargo says they’re happy to be back, now with cargo-only service three times per week via 737-700 freighters. Unlike other destinations, Unalakleet will be a cargo-only market served by freighter aircraft only.