Yukon Lodge removal up for council approval

The City of Bethel council will be considering an Information Memorandum regarding the old Yukon Lodge during their next meeting, Tuesday August 10, 2021, sponsored by City Manager Pete Williams.

The City is working with the property owner to facilitate the removal of the dilapidated Yukon Lodge and associated debris from their property at 178 East Avenue.

The City Attorney and the property owner drafted a permit that allows the City to enter the property, remove the structure and other debris, add and level fill as needed, and set up barriers to protect the resulting level property from vehicle intrusion.

The arrangement and permit specify that no remuneration, fines, or other payments are to be exchanged between the parties.

“The City benefits by having a vacant nuisance structure and associated debris removed and the property restored to a level sand pad suitable for productive uses in the future,” says IM 21-12. “The City also has the right of first refusal if and when either of the two properties are put up for sale.”