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The amazing musk ox are well-adapted to our harsh and cold climate with their thick warm coats of qivyut, their soft wool underlayer of insulation. These two were photographed on their tundra home near the village of Toksook Bay earlier this month. photo by Jimmie Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

Alaskans voted and here are the results as of Nov. 18th. The Alaska Division of Elections posted their newly updated counts last Wednesday. The final regional count of absentee and questioned ballots took place also on Wednesday. The State Election Review Board began their review of election materials on November 19th and the target date to certify the general election is November 25th.

There are some close numbers and some not so close. In House District 27, Liz Snyder (D) had 17 more votes than House Minority Leader Lance Pruitt. For House District 15, David Nelson (R) leads Lyn Franks (D) by 90 votes. House District 40 has Josiah Patkotak leading Elizabeth Ferguson (D) by 212 votes.

Ballot measure 1 did not pass, Ballot measure 2 passed. Congratulations everyone.

U.S. President / Vice President

Biden/Harris DEM 153,502

Trump/Pence REP 189,543

U.S. Senator

Gross, Al DEM 145,813

Sullivan, Dan REP 190,772

U.S. Representative

Galvin, Alyse DEM 159,710

Young, Don REP 191,606

Senate District T

Olson, Donald DEM 6,561

Baker, Thomas REP 3,432

House District 37

Edgmon, Bryce DEM 3,871

Write-in 219

House District 38

Keppel, Willy NOM 1,919

Zulkosky, Tiffany DEM 3,170

House District 39

Foster, Neal DEM 3,615

Holmes, Dan REP 1,036

Ballot Measure No. 1

YES 145,193

NO 199,186

Ballot Measure No. 2

YES 173,725

NO 169,918