You take care

by Peter Twitchell

As a child I heard stories told by our elders of the flu epidemic, tuberculosis, which took the lives of so many of our Native people. Today our generation is experiencing the Coronavirus pandemic. Like today, many of our people perished. Sometimes just one individual was left in the village to nurse others back to health.

We must follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for social distancing, using facemasks; washing our hands; not touching our face, eyes, nose and mouth.

Because we love our Elders, children, and others, we will be smart, safe, and take good care of ourselves, be sober minded, and being mindful of each other.

So far we’ve maintained healthy practices. Taking care of each other by staying apart – so counterintuitive, so not like human beings. But the same God who made us to be loving and compassionate made us adaptable and flexible. We take it all serious and stay home.

Hope this finds you safe, smart, and well. You take care. It’s on us to follow through.

Lastly, thanks to KTUU Channel 2 in Anchorage for showing the special at 9pm – the caring and resilience of the people of Alaska. It was comforting to see and hear!

God Bless.