YKHC is going tobacco-free

by YKHC Public Communications Staff

As a healthcare organization, YKHC is committed not only to healing illness, but to promoting wellness.
In alignment with YKHC’s mission and vision, the Board of Directors has adopted a tobacco-free campus policy. This policy, which will go into effect on Feb. 5, 2018, will apply to all YKHC leased and owned facilities or properties in Bethel and surrounding YK Delta communities – including village clinics, subregional clinics, the Bethel hospital, and residential facilities.
This announcement comes in recognition of World Cancer Day on Feb. 4. World Cancer Day “is a chance to reflect on what you can do, make a pledge and take action.”
By February 5, 2018, all smoke shacks and ash cans will be removed from YKHC properties and tobacco use in vehicles on YKHC property will be prohibited. For patients, employees and visitors who are tobacco users, this policy does not require individuals to quit using tobacco products. Rather, tobacco use of any kind will need to be off YKHC property. Patients and visitors found using tobacco will be asked to stop and offered information about resources to quit tobacco.
As a health care organization, we are committed to the health and safety of our employees, patients, and visitors. If you would like to make a positive change and quit tobacco, counseling services are available in both Yup’ik and English, and you can enroll by walking in, asking your provider to make a referral, or calling 907-543-6312 or 1-800-478-3321 ext. 6312.