YKHC announces Investments in Workforce & Local Economies

by YKHC Staff

On March 2, over 800 full-time YKHC employees will receive a $1,500.00 lump-sum bonus payment (minus applicable taxes), for a total of $1.2 million entering local economies throughout the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.
Employees who have worked for the organization since April 2017 and met additional requirements were eligible for this annual raise.
“This is the first time YKHC is able to pay our employees a lump-sum annual raise,” said President & CEO Dan Winkelman. “It is also the first time in the company’s history we have been able to have an employee raise in each of the last three years.”
In prior years, when YKHC was able to provide an annual employee raise, they were provided as a percentage increase to base pay ranging from 1-3%. In 2016, after four years of no raises, YKHC provided a 2.5% merit increase and in 2017, the organization offered a 2% merit increase to eligible employees.
“This year we are able to offer a one-time, discretionary lump-sum increase of $1,500,” continued Winkelman. “Instead of raises being paid in smaller amounts throughout the year, employees will receive the entire raise immediately.”
As YKHC continues to make progress on the $330 million Paul John Calricaraq Project, which will increase access to quality care throughout the region while also creating local high-wage jobs, the organization has consistently continued to improve its financial position.
Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer Tommy Tompkins, said “YKHC continues to work from a strong financial position despite the declining state economy.”
“Join me in congratulating all of our employees for their hard work to make YKHC a great company!” concluded Winkelman.