YK Delta Women in Philanthropy Local Funding Grant for 2019

by BCSF Staff

YK Delta Women in Philanthropy is thrilled to announce that our members have voted to commit $8,810 in 2019 local funding to supporting the Teens Lead Ahead youth leadership camp, a project of the Teens Acting Against Violence group housed at the Tundra Women’s Coalition.

This project is a great fit for YK Delta Women in Philanthropy’s 2019 local funding priority area, which is youth services, especially in the areas of youth mentorship, anti-bullying and child abuse prevention.

Teens Acting Against Violence (TAAV) is a local violence prevention and youth empowerment program for teens aged 12-18 who are living in Bethel. TAAV members are trained to engage their peers through classroom presentations, skits, radio PSAs and community awareness campaigns on a variety of important issues facing teens today.

One of the venues that TAAV uses to bring teens together and give them space to interact with, teach and learn from peers and elders is the annual Teens Lead Ahead camp. Teens attending this camp will participate in cultural and violence prevention activities, discussions on pertinent teen issues, and leadership development activities.

River Posey, one of TAAV’s two coordinators, was very excited and grateful to receive the grant and commented on the importance of Teens Lead Ahead for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region.

“TLA, from the ground up, is a teen-lead project. I’m proud of the teens and I’m proud of where this is going. It’s necessary to engage youth throughout the YK Delta in important conversations such as accepting differences and mental wellness, to help guide them into becoming well-informed, strong leaders in their communities,” she said.

YK Delta Women in Philanthropy is a women’s giving circle comprised of women of all ages and backgrounds who are connected to the YK Delta. Members contribute at whatever level they are able and together, fund projects both locally and globally. For more information about YK Delta Women in Philanthropy or to become a member, visit http://www.ykdeltawomen.org.  or 907-545-1855.