YK Delta Women in Philanthropy 4th Annual Membership Meeting September 30th

by BCSF Staff

The YK Delta Women in Philanthropy giving circle is hosting its 4th annual membership meeting at the YP Cultural Center on Monday, September 30th. All current members and new women interested in finding out more or joining this giving circle are invited to attend. Food will be available starting at 5:30 pm; the meeting will start at 6:00 pm. Women are welcome to come late if schedules prevent making it to the Cultural Center by 6:00. Tiffany Tony of Ravenous Enterprises will be providing food for the meeting.

Since 2016, YK Delta Women in Philanthropy has raised more than $100,000 by pooling individual contributions. The giving circle welcomes contributions of any size from its members. Meetings are held quarterly, but attendance by members is optional (and many members live outside of Bethel). Half of the funds raised are used to build permanent endowments, and the other half is used to support a local project (voted on annually by members) and an international project (currently selected as South Sudan Medical Relief through 2021. Members can vote on funding and other decisions in person at a meeting or electronically.

By members pooling contributions, our collective impact has supported the following work:

· $6,255 was dedicated to support local homeless efforts in 2017.

· $7,571 was dedicated for a new local program, Smart Fit Girls in 2018. This program is designed to empower girls in grades 6-8 through strength training and participation in activities that promote self-esteem and healthy body image. The program is offered at the YK Fitness Center (interested girls or caregivers can contact Stacey Reardon about enrollment at 543-0390).

· $8,810 was dedicated to support Teens Acting Against Violence-led Teens Lead Ahead! youth leadership camp.

· $22,636 was awarded (over the course of three years) to the international project- South Sudan Medical Relief (SSMR) which is organized by local Dr. Jill Seaman, for immediate use.

· $22,634 was allocated to an endowed (permanent) fund for the YK Delta Women in Philanthropy Giving Circle itself – which will earn interest and make additional grants in the future.

· $22,634 was allocated to an endowed (permanent) fund for the South Sudan Medical Relief project, which will earn interest and make annual grants to SSMR in the future.

· * 2019 funds are still being collected and have not yet been dispersed through our funding


The focus of this September membership meeting will be giving circle structure, Q&A for interested/new members and an opportunity to check in with current members. Future meetings will focus on selecting a priority area for our next local project grant and then selection of the local grant recipient.

“The giving of one, the impact of many,” is the group’s slogan. One of the many organizers, Katie Basile, explains it this way: “As an individual, I really like the giving circle model because it unites people in making positive change. As one person, I can only contribute so much to a specific cause, but together we can pool our money and make a difference.”

This concept of collective giving, which is a model in communities across the globe, allows donors to make a monthly, quarterly or annual contribution and participate in decision-making processes to determine what local and regional projects will be funded. In this giving circle, the group saves 50% of the contributions and invests them so the funds grow over time, creating permanent funds for future grant distributions. The other half of the funds raised is given as grants for immediate use.

YK Delta Women in Philanthropy launched in 2016. Members chose the name YK Delta Women In Philanthropy because a philanthropist is a person who gives money to help better the lives of others. The giving circle welcomes contributions of any size from its members.

Bethel Community Services Foundation provides the administrative support for the group.

For more information about YK Delta Women in Philanthropy or specific questions about the September 30th meeting, visit the website: ykdeltawomen.org, like the Facebook Page, YK Delta Women in Philanthropy, email Lisa at [email protected] or call/text Lisa at