Worker leaves village after seeing Hairy Man

This drawing shows a lineworker who approached this creature, mistaking it for a person wearing furs. Illustration by AI

by Delta Discovery staff

In these two sightings, we couldn’t determine the identities of the persons mentioned in this story, since they were both non-locals and have left or are now gone.
In 2011, a utility company installed four wind turbines in Emmonak. In addition to providing service to the village, the utility also built an 11-mile electrical intertie to serve the nearby village of Alakanuk.
During development of this intertie, one of the workers was walking along on the newly-cut corridor when he spotted someone dressed in furs, or so he thought, kneeling down along the bank of a small slough.
He then approached the person to say hello, thinking it was another worker or someone from one of the villages. When he got within 10-15 feet and spoke, the “person” suddenly stood up and glanced at him. Instead of being a person, it was a Hairy Man!
The animal quickly began to leave, crossing the small slough and walking up the other bank toward the brush. Just before he entered the woods, he turned around to look at the worker once more before finally disappearing into the forest.
The worker then left the area immediately and went back to Emmonak. Once there, he went to the airport and got on a plane and left, never to come back again.
During work on the same project, a lineman was working up on a pole along the corridor when he saw a moose fleeing from the brush and into a small opening or meadow before disappearing into the brush on the other side.
Soon after, a white-colored Hairy Man also appeared in the same place where the moose had popped up from, following the trail or chasing after the moose. It too disappeared into the woods where the moose had gone moments earlier.
It was not known if the Hairy Man caught the moose or not.