Williams Jr. wins Holiday Classic Dog Race

Racers in the Holiday Classic are closely packed after the mass start on Sunday. Akiak musher Mike Williams Jr. won the race in 3 hours, 25 mins, 6 seconds. photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

Mike Williams Jr. rode his sled in second position for part of the return loop before taking the lead to win the Holiday Classic this past Sunday.

The 47-mile race with an 8-dog limit was sponsored by the Kuskokwim 300 Race Committee that started and ended in Bethel. Williams finished with one dog in the basket. A total of 18 mushers completed the course that featured a $20,000 purse.

Coming in second was Napaskiak musher Greg Larson. He finished the race with a time of 3:27:49. In third was Robert Larson who finished shortly after Greg in 3:28:15.

This race started on the main river in front of the Bethel boat harbor at 11am. Mushers raced up through Straight Slough following a mass start, and went along the left side of Schwalbe Island, up the main river to Kuskokuak Slough and up past Kwethluk. Seven miles above Kwethluk the racers took the trail on the right fork on the right side of the island. At the top of the island, mushers took a left turn returning to the Kuskokuak and then rejoining the trail back to Bethel.

Spectators and musher supporters cheered the teams along the river trail. The weather was crisp and cool with clear skies. Congratulations to the racers for a great race!

2017 Holiday Classic Race Results

1st: Mike Williams Jr, 3:25:06, $2,400

2nd: Greg Larson, 3:27:49, $2,250

3rd: Robert Larson, 3:28:15, $2,100

4th: Maurice Andrews, 3:33:21, $2,000

5th: Jackie Larson, 3:39:47, $1,850

6th: Matt Scott, 3:42:59, $1,700

7th: Jonathan Simon, 3:46:22, $1,450

8th: Lewis Pavilla, 3:46:52, $1,250

9th: Thomas Carl, 3:49:56, $1,050

10th: Solomon Olick, 3:51:36, $900

11th: Jim George, 3:51:52, $750

12th: Joe Demantle, 3:51:56, $600

13th: John George, 3:53:18, $450

14th: Myron Angstman, 4:02:35, $350

15th: Victoria Hardwick, 4:02:40, $300

16th: Schouviller Wassillie, 4:03:46, $250

17th: Casie Stockdale, 4:10:01, $200

18th: Nate DeHaan, 4:40:46, $150