When you vote, you win

by Peter Twitchell

If you are a late teen and in your 20s, it’s your duty to get out and vote and hopefully you are a registered voter! It’s our duty to listen to your elders and vote. So, respect your elders and get out and vote.
Especially if you enjoy a permanent fund dividend, I hope you are a registered voter and doing your duty to your State of Alaska, your village, and your family name.
I’m a registered voter and I’ll be voting in a matter of a few days! And I approve this message.
It’s time for our next leaders to be involved in our l ocal government. Let’s take a look back at 1977 in Bethel, Alaska. I was working at KYUK radio station recording stories, legends, and the mores of our Yup’ik people.
They told of the early days of their youth when so much of daily life and responsibilities to their tribe was accomplished. Our youth kept the home fires burning 24/7, 365 days a year. they went to bed, got their good nights rest, up before the sunrise to light the fires and prepare for the day.
Absent 200 years ago was cancer causing iPhones, just as an example. Now science is warning us about too much cell phone use all hours of the day and night.
Back then we had James Guy Croll, who followed Andy Edge as general manager of KYUK radio and public television. The commercial networks like ABC, CBS, and NBC allow us to broadcast their news, entertainment, and sports events in the bush.
The Bethel Broadcasting Board of Directors included Phil Guy of Kwethluk, Martin B. Moore of Emmonak, and local citizens. Unlike today’s practice of keeping board membership two decades or more, new board members were replaced every few years.
New blood is revitalizing for any board. I ran for the Bethel City Council and beat my competitor by 1 solitary vote – mine! See what happens when you vote – you win.