When that day comes

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

When you became ours, we made the decision to love and cherish you forever. It was a choice, knowing that we would have to someday lay you to rest, to say goodbye but not the kind of goodbye where it is final, only the kind where we say that we will see you again. That is not really a goodbye but a promise that we will see you again.
We did not think of that day often. Instead our days were filled with your presence making it fun, happy, full not empty. You filled our lives with all these things. To us you seemed like you would always be there where we were, and the years passed on by during those glorious days when our kids were growing up with the enduring bliss of having you in our lives.
Throughout the life of your animal pet friend, they are in your hands, you are the caretaker, the one who provides love, protection, shelter, care, happiness, entertainment, and the care they need to keep them healthy and safe.
You provide your pets every need, wish, whim because you love them so much and they love you with an unconditional, unbounded, unlimited love. How fortunate we are to be able to receive this kind of love.
When you leave on a trip, they are all you think about and you wonder how amazing it will be when you are reunited and you can’t wait to get home. One of our dogs used to run around in circles, like he was in a rodeo, howling and barking, creating incredible mayhem and bedlam, whenever one of us would come home from being out of town. I can still see it like it was yesterday.
Throughout the years we have lost some of our pets to old age and as is the natural order of things, we grieved as needed and reflected upon all the wonderful days we had with them. How they filled our lives with joy and enrichment and how incredible were all the adventures and fun things we did together. Our children shared in this joy with us, the joy of having children and pets all at once is more than priceless.
And we have the photos, the memories, the clippings of their fur that we keep close to our hearts, the dogtags from the vet, the pet clothes that we had so much fun dressing them up in, and the toys.
We had our own pets when we were growing up. They live now in our memories, in old photographs, in our journals, and they shaped us into who we are today. Having pets for us and for our children gave us a way to love and our children also loved. How much better we are by having pets. I don’t think we would have it any other way.
Maybe this sounds silly, but hopefully someone understands how we feel about our dear pets. They are our family, they live with us, are our constant companions, even sleep next to us in the deep cold of winter and in the endless daylit nights of summer.
Losing a pet can be one of the most devastating losses that a person can experience. It ranks high. If the loss is tragic or unexpected, it can cause trauma that can last. Whatever happens or had happened, do not think that there is ever no hope because there always is.
Let us continue to pray and reach out to others who have lost a loved one, a cherished pet, a friend. Quyana.