Welcome Home Representative Peltola

Representative-elect Mary Peltola of the U.S. Congress came home last week to Bethel after her historical win in the Special Election. She attended a reception in her honor.

by Greg Lincoln

Bethel rolled out the red carpet for Representative-elect Mary Peltola last Thursday, with a grand welcome at the Bethel airport and then celebrating with a homecoming reception at the Yupiit Piciryarait Cultural Center. Community members gathered together awaiting her, when she entered everyone rose to their feet while cheers filled the room. She greeted each person at the reception with a hug and a kind word. Some gave her gifts. Fr. Michael Trefon of the St. Sophia Russian Orthodox Church blessed the gathering, Rep. Peltola, and the beautiful spread of food. The choir sang the Lords’ Prayer Song and “God Grant You Many Years” in English and Yugtun for Representative-elect Mary Peltola. Bethel chef extraordinaire Tiffany Tony catered the event serving delicious appetizers and homemade dips, a smoked salmon, stuffed spinach rolls, Russian candy, sodas, and much more. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the company. Representative-elect Peltola will be sworn in on September 13th at our nation’s capitol and will begin her work as Alaska’s first Yup’ik Congressman to finish our Representative Don Young’s vacant seat due to his passing in March. She will be running for the 2-year seat in November.

The St. Sophia Russian Orthodox Church choir sings for Mary Peltola at her welcome home reception last Thurs.
photo by Greg Lincoln