Weekend camping at Niugnilnguq

Dr. Robert Nick

by Dr. Robert Nick

It has been some time since I last wrote in the weekly Delta newspaper. As we had done for many years, my wife and I, along with some family spent last weekend at our camp near Baird Inlet.

It has been a number of years since we last went there for spring pike fishing. One of my daughters went week before and told us about the newly upgraded tramway.

So, last Friday, although knowing how low the water is we loaded our camping gear and started our westward journey. As we got to the small lakes and the shallow connecting creeks, I began to wonder how we are going to tram over to Long Lake.

With the tramway just around the bend, another boat came upon us – a big boat with a big motor. On board was the matriarch of the Nicholas Clan from Akula along with her daughter and tall, strong grandsons.

They got our boats trammed to Long Lake in no time.

After a quick lunch onward we went to our cabin at Niugnilnguq, and they went on to Baird Inlet.

We spend 2 days fishing for pike and drying them. Saturday evening, Grandma Sophie came back and stopped at our camp. On Sunday, we began our journey east and trammed over from Long Lake to the lakes and creeks.

I surely enjoyed camping, although short, but we had to have their help on the tramway. My wife and I thank the Nicholases for their help.

From all indications, there may be a lot of salmonberries in about a month or sooner.