Wassillie George Assiss’aq “Beep” Keene June 19, 1997 – October 24, 2018

Wassillie George Assiss’aq “Beep” Keene was born on June 19, 1997 to Victor and Lena Keene in Bethel, Alaska. He grew up with is 2 brothers Jackie and Joseph and his one and only Al’a Pretty.

He was engaged to Megan Williams and together they had two wonderful blessed boys, Christopher John James Kaligtuq Anguqii Sak’aq Keene and Misha Wesley Ryan Ket’aq “JoJo” Keene. 

Wassillie graduated with his high school diploma from the Akula Elitnaurvik with his classmates of 2017: Dahnielle Brink, Mikayla Tinker, Jacob Brink, and his childhood best friend Yago Demientieff. He was the Salutatorian with a GPA of 4.0.

He really enjoyed the outdoors such as subsistence hunting and fishing. He always made sure that all the freezers for his parents were filled every year, not just his parents but also made sure that the elders of the community had some food as well.

Beep had a biggest heart filled with gold, a very forgiving, caring, loving, helping open heart no matter what he would encounter in his life, good or bad. He always stood strong in faith, hope and love.

Wassillie is survived by his parents Victor and Lena Keene, 3 siblings Jackie (Pamela, Audrena, Riha “Fannie”, RayAllen), Renae Pretty, Joseph (Sammy and Braylon Ace), and his fiancé Megan Williams and their two boys Christopher and Misha. His childhood best friend Yago Demientieff and family. Joli and Ina Morgan, Oscar and Sophie Alexie, Charlie and Susan Isaac, Daniel and Karla Andrews, Rick and Darlene Keene, Peter G and (D) Fannie Brink, George Keene Jr., Larry Keene, Ralph and Annie Kinegak, Daniel and Ina George, Mary and Eli Wassillie, Abraham and Diane George, Moses (D) and Aggie George, John George and Mary Samson, Clara George, Richard and Helen Jackson, Guy and Anna Ross, Jim and Angela George, and his many cousins, nephews, nieces, too numerous to name.

We the Keene Family would love to thank our awesome God we praise for answered prayers. It has been 6 long months of wondering where our Beep could be. This tragedy taught us how to have patience with God, no matter what the circumstances are. We always need to trust and believe in him truly.

Thank you to the YK delta search and rescue teams for their untiring effort in searching daily for our beloved Beep Wassillie. Trooper Zachary Huckstep for transporting his body into Anchorage. Maggie Berlin in Anchorage for helping organize everything that needed to be done, casket purchase, funeral home expenses, transportation, printing and framing pictures, purchasing flowers, and willing to escort him all the way home from Anchorage to Kasigluk. Lisa Isaac and Sophie Alexie for purchasing his outfit to use. Cody Beaver for arranging charter from Bethel to Kasigluk with non-rev with Ravn, Annie Kinegak for staying with the family for comfort, everyone for all the support and continued prayers.

Thank you to Mike Beaver and everyone who helped make his cross and fence. Last but not least we the Keene Family would love to thank the two heroes Patrick Black and Gregory Brink from Napakiak for finding his body and transporting him to Bethel. May our good Lord pour his many wonderful blessings upon you all.

Also, quyana cakneq to Kasigluk Inc., Akiachak Limited, Kasigluk Traditional Council, Kasigluk Gaming Department, Calista Corporation, and everyone who have donated for his favorite color casket, funeral home where he was fixed and put into his casket, and his transportation from Anchorage to Kasigluk.

Last but not least we would love to thank his one and only Al’a Renae Pretty for making everything possible to bring our Beep Wassillie home to rest. Love you, always!

Assiss’aq is preceded in death by his late grandparents Wassillie and Helena George, George and Martha Keene, cousins Nichole Ross, Jeremy and Agatha George, Christopher Morgan, nephew Ryan Martin, and Auntie Fannie Brink.