Visiting our loved one

by Greg Lincoln

Neighbors and friends, we are so privileged to call you our friends. Your presence in our lives has uplifted and eased much of our suffering, thank you. Thank you so much for your prayers and the loving respect and regard you have shown to our family. Your kindness and loving care is just what we need as we trod onward through this journey.

To our fellow survivors with whom we are on this journey of grieving: We thank the Lord for you, for we have found comfort in your wisdom, many of you have also borne this burden of losing a precious child. This grieving is ingrained into the fabric of our lives, there is no way around it – it is a heartbreaking burden that we must bear for the rest of our days. Thank you for speaking for us when we have been too weak or sad to say anything because you understand our needs.

How we have changed since that fateful day.

We have been thinking of you, you are in our prayers.

Thank you, quyana, for thinking of us.


We love you.

We love you too.

Each day that dawns we have visited the resting place of our beloved one. These visits are emotional moments where we spend time praying, crying, and talking to our loved one as she rests in sweet peace.

We see her name engraved upon the cross and cannot help but think, this is not right. She should not be here, this should not have happened, she was so young, she had so much love for everyone and every thing, she had a whole life to live, it does not make sense, why? How we wish with all our might that it were not so! We do not understand why and we may never understand why. But the Lord knows, and we must trust Him in all things.

We have met some of you who have told us that you also visited our daughter. Some of you are her friends, her classmates and roommates, those that she still loves because love never goes away – do you know how much that means to us? It touches our hearts deeply to know that you have taken the time out of your busy lives to spend a moment to cherish her, to remember thoughts of her, and to let her know that you care and love her. You are beautiful to us. By doing this you have done us a great service, you have given us a great gift, thank you.

To the caretakers of the cemetery, thank you, for making sure the road is open so that it is possible for us to visit our beloved and to grieve. It means so much to us that we are able to go there whenever we wish, day or night, in rain or wind or blizzard – quyana and blessings to you.

Please continue to treat those who have lost a loved one gently, speak tenderly to them. Their lives are shattered, broken and they will need your help to recover. Quyana.