Village and Doyon Land Maps Available

Under the provisions of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), Doyon, Limited will receive approximately 12.5 million acres of land across Interior Alaska. To date, Doyon has received title to over 11.5 million acres, primarily around the 34 villages within the region. Management of these lands is focused on the protection of traditional shareholder uses, and responsible economic development of natural resources.

A map for each of the 34 villages in the region is located on the Doyon website, These maps show land status for village and regional corporation lands, in addition to game management units and Native allotments. Each map can be downloaded by clicking on the “download PDF” button located below the map.

To view land maps, visit the lands page at and use the drop-down menu to find a list of specific communities. For more information or assistance, contact the lands department at [email protected] or 907-459-2030.

Info courtesy of Doyon Limited.