Veteran’s Day November 11, 2020

by the Bethel VFW Post and Post Auxiliary

VFW Post 10041 would like to say – “Happy Veteran’s Day” to all Yukon-Kuskokwim Area veterans who wore our nation’s military uniform, past and present. Veteran’s Day – was originally called Armistice Day in 1918 – the end of WWI. In 1954, the day was renamed Veteran’s Day to honor WW2 and Korean War Veterans.

In the past, schools would honor all veterans in their villages, even in Bethel. With this pandemic COVID-19, this year it will not happen but that doesn’t mean we as YK Delta residents can still honor our vets. Honor our veterans, by just saying “Thank You”. I can tell you that being recognized really means so much to a veteran. Thank them for courage, selfless duty and sacrifice for keeping our country free.

I can tell you that our people here in Alaska, especially the YK Delta are very patriotic. This showed during WW2 where our parents-grandparents joined the Alaska Territorial Guard to safeguard our country. So many of our young adults joined our military forces in the past and present: U.S Army, U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard, and the Merchant Marines. On this day, please thank them for their service.

I offer this Veteran’s Day Prayer:

Almighty God, Father of us all, we, your servants, turn to you for continuance of your blessings upon us. You who have spared us veterans from the grasp of our enemies, grant us the full understanding of your precious comfort.

We thank you for the privileges of life and the blessing we enjoy through your graciousness in our country, the land in which we are given Freedom of Speech, Religion, and the pursuit of happiness. Assist us to know you better and the wisdom to acknowledge you as the God of the universe and our ideal.

In your mercy, may we the living find our peace. Grant us from above, this day, the challenge of high endeavor, the beauty of a humble spirit, the strong courage and will, without exertion, to continue to glorify you, to praise you, and to love you to the end of time.


In closing – we pray for our military who now guard the gates of freedom to our country, the United States of America.

-Henry J. Hunter SR., VFW Post Commander, Robert V. Lindsey Post 10041

-Tess Guinn, VFW Post Auxiliary President, VFW Post 10041