Venturing in Alaska

by Peter Twitchell

Last Thursday Carl Jack and I drove 190 miles Anchorage to Ninilchik by way of Cooper Landing, Sterling, Kenai and Soldotna. One of the great benefits of living on the road system! We covered 380 miles in 9 hours.

Alaska is majestic, there is so much beauty here and it’s all wilderness! Alaska is beautiful.

It was snowing in Anchorage when we left, and foggy until we hit Cooper Landing. The fog was lifting and the snow was fading when we cleared Sterling.

We drove through Kenai and Soldotna, to our final destination, Ninilchik. It was clear and sunny when we finally arrived. I used to commute between Anchorage and Kenai in 1972, but this trip was a bit tiring for 2 ole men!

Anchorage has so much to offer you in way of sights to see, museums, the Native Heritage Center, concerts, plays.

There is one concert I’m looking forward to in early December at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center and that’s the concert by the women of Hiland Facility Chorale and Ensemble. Instruments were bought by some caring individual or persons, and the inmates learned to play them.

It sounds like a viable option to just sitting in jail doing time.

Then there is the weekly gathering of the Native Community who have a potluck, and put on a fiddle dance as a way to promote sobriety and chase away those winter blues.

Bought a reindeer hamburger today at the downtown bazaar. It was so much better than your standard hamburger.

Next week I will be sending you my Thanksgiving story from Phoenix, Arizona – another Discovery for you on the Delta.