Utilizing Your EAP

by Dr. Lorin Bradbury

Question: Do you accept EAP insurance, and what is the benefit of using that over regular insurance?

Answer: Your EAP isn’t an insurance, but it provides services similar to your insurance, usually for a limited number of sessions. EAP is an acronym for Employee Assistance Program. Currently, I am on panels for ComPsych and Magellan. Also, I have been contracted by other EAPs to provide services on a single-case basis when I wasn’t on their panel.

The nice thing about an EAP is that it does not cost you to be seen and there is no deductible to be met, or co-pay required. Depending on the contract between the EAP and the company you work for, you will receive six to eight sessions free of charge.

As noted above, something many people don’t remember from orientation is that generally the services are available not only to the employee, but also to each of the employee’s family members. The reason for making the services available to the employee’s family is that if there are problems in the home, it is likely to affect one’s employment. Therefore, the employer has taken proactive steps to keep employees functioning at their highest level of efficiency.

So if you or one of your family members has issues that might be resolved through seeing a counselor or therapist, I would recommend you contact your Human Resources Department for your EAP phone number. And if you contact me, I will likely ask you the name of your employer, and if I know the agency has an EAP, I will likely refer you to your respective EAP.

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