Unusual track found near a fishcamp

This is a drawing of a footprint, as described by the two ladies from St. Mary's who had an encounter with a Hairy Man in the summer of 2011. Illustration by AI

by Delta Discovery staff

During the summer of 2011, two St. Mary’s women were at a fishcamp cutting silver salmon they had gotten while drifting. The fishcamp is along the Yukon River between Pitka’s Point and Mt. Village, and many fishcamps in this area are out of the way and isolated, accessible only by boat.
After bringing the fish ashore, the women went to work cutting up the salmon and putting them away. They planned to make salt fish out of the silvers in three buckets and filled one of them. But before they were done cutting the fish, it became late in the evening and was time for rest and bed.
However, they decided to have something to eat before going to bed, so one of them went out to get something to eat from the table. The night was pitch black, but faint light came from the window of the cabin. While outside she saw glowing red eyes moving along the riverbank.
When she went back inside she told the other about it, who responded that it might be a boat passing by but there was no sound of a motor. (Some Hairy Man witnesses who have seen the creature up close say it has glowing red eyes.)
That night the women also heard a scraping noise along or near the cabin along with the sound of footsteps. But they dismissed it too, but this time as being “some kind of animal.”
The next morning after getting up they went about their work to finish the job of cutting up the fish, but when they returned to the fish cutting area, they found only two buckets. Thinking that one of them might have put the third bucket somewhere else, they began looking for it but couldn’t find it anywhere around camp.
They were perplexed. How could a bucket disappear just like that? It certainly wasn’t a bear, since nothing was disturbed, and a bear could have made a huge mess of their fish cutting area.
When they looked wider, one of them came upon a large, flat human-like but bare footprint on a muddy spot along the rocky riverbank below the fishcamp. The footprint was 12-13 inches long, and appeared to be six inches wide at the front and tapered down to four inches at the heel. The toes appeared to be jagged, like they were hairy or something.
Right then, the husband of one of them came to pick them up, and they left the fishcamp without any further thought or discussion of the footprint. Not long after, one of the women called a relative in Southeast Alaska, and began to describe the footprint to her.
But the relative in Southeast Alaska finishing describing the footprint perfectly, saying “We have those around our fishcamps down here, too,” alluding to the fact that Bigfoot is also well known in Southeast Alaska.
At around the same time, berry pickers from St. Mary’s that came to the area via the Mt. Village-St. Mary’s Road saw a Hairy Man on a hill not far from the fishcamp. But that is another story to tell.
The witness in this story chose to remain anonymous.