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Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

Thank you to all who voted in the General Election. Voting is an exciting and fulfilling way to help support our state and local governments. When we vote we connect with our poll workers and we get to see our friends and neighbors at our election precincts. We also exercise our civic duty of electing our next politicians and deciding on ballot measures.

This report from the Alaska Division of Elections is a summary that shows only first choice results from Round 1 of the General Election held on November 8th, 2022. These results were last updated on November 10th, 2022. On November 15th, 2022 eligible early, absentee, and questioned ballots will be opened and counted.

On November 18th, eligible absentee and questioned ballots will be opened and counted. And on November 23rd, the final count and ranked choice tabulation will take place and we will have our winners.

In Round One voting the Division counts all 1st choices. If a candidate gets 50% + 1 vote in round one, that candidate wins and the counting stops. If not, counting goes to Round Two.

Congratulations to Senator Lyman Hoffman (Senate District S) and Representative-elect Conrad “CJ” McCormick (House District 38) for your successful campaigns.

Two time U.S. House of Representatives candidate Alyse Galvin who ran unsuccessfully against Representative Don Young in 2018 and 2020 was elected to House District 14, winning with 65.42% of the vote.

And in the House District 39 only six votes separate incumbent Representative Neal Foster (DEM) of Nome and challenger Tyler Ivanoff (AIP) of Shishmaref in first round counting. Rep. Foster leads 1573 to Ivanoff’s 1567. Rep. Foster has 49.72% of the votes, Ivanoff has 49.53% – it is so close.

Alaskans decided at the polls not to pass Ballot Measure 1 for a Constitutional Convention. The measure failed NO votes 146,092 and YES votes 63,078.

State of Alaska


Election Summary Report

November 8, 2022


Precincts Reported: 402 of 402 (100.00%)

Registered Voters: 217,835 of 601,795 (36.20%)

Ballots Cast: 217,835

U.S. Senator

Candidate Party Total

Chesbro, Patricia R. DEM 20,265 9.52%

Kelley, Buzz A. REP 6,244 2.93%

Murkowski, Lisa REP 91,205 42.84%

Tshibaka, Kelly C. REP 94,138 44.22%

Write-in 1,056 0.50%

Total Votes 212,908

U.S. Representative

Candidate Party Total

Begich, Nick REP 51,927 24.19%

Bye, Chris LIB 3,716 1.73%

Palin, Sarah REP 57,035 26.57%

Peltola, Mary S. DEM 101,441 47.26%

Write-in 540 0.25%

Total Votes 14,659

Governor / Lieutenant Governor

Candidate Party Total

Dunleavy/Dahlstrom REP 111,897 52.06%

Gara/Cook DEM 49,596 23.07%

Pierce/Grunwald REP 9,778 4.55%

Walker/Drygas NON 43,203 20.10%

Write-in 484 0.23%

Total Votes 214,958

Senate District S

Candidate Party Total

Hoffman, Lyman F. DEM 3,496 63.48%

Keppel, Willy VET 1,968 35.74%

Write-in 43 0.78%

Total Votes 5,507

House District 38

Candidate Party Total

McCormick, Conrad J. DEM 2,077 83.51%

Write-in 410 16.49%

Total Votes 2,487

House District 39

Candidate Party Total

Foster, Neal W. DEM 1,573 49.72%

Ivanoff, Tyler L. AIP 1,567 49.53%

Write-in 24 0.76%

Total Votes 3,164

BM#1 Constitutional Convention

YES 63,078 30.16%

NO 146,092 69.84%

Total Votes 209,170

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