Unhealthy noise pollution

by Peter Twitchell

I have permanently moved from Anchorage to the Valley for one reason only – the earache the jets have been causing and the irregular sleep patterns last and this summer.

There are at least 30 jumbo jets, by that I mean 4 engine roaring monsters that have been flying directly overhead in Anchorage west to east take off fly pattern.

For the last two summers I have averaged 5 ½ to 6 ½ hours of sleep a night. That is wear and tear to my body.

I have also lost 80 pounds of body fat and muscle tissue since last year.

It has gotten to the point I hate the sound of the jet engine. It’s a great sound when you’re 5 miles above ground going 500-600 miles per hour but an annoying nuisance down here.

I have even encouraged my daughter Suzi to move elsewhere in the city that is not directly affected by this noise pollution. I don’t believe the disturbance of a deep sleep pattern is healthy for the mind and body.

Science has told us over and over again we need 8 solid hours of rest every night to maintain our sanity. I am beginning to believe that. I have been away from the direct noise of the jet engine since June 2nd and I have slept 8 solid hours a night.

I wake up each morning refreshed, my memory is better and I feel rested and have more energy. I am walking daily and feel invigorated and don’t have much pain in my joints and the bad headaches I used to have in Anchorage are all but a memory.