Ubering in the City

by Peter Twitchell

Life in Anchorage is definitely a couple notches up on quality of life in several ways. First, I miss the People of the YK Delta that I’ve grown to love.

Since arriving in Anchorage we’ve been Ubering. This new form of transportation is very appealing and a change in riding cabs with rude drivers. Rude to me is riding in a cab whose driver has been smoking in his cab, filling his cab with a very bad odor of secondhand smoke and third hand smoke that sticks to your clean clothes and ends up stinking up your furniture and transferred to your baby at home.

Uber drivers have had background checks, and 99.9% of them have new cars, trucks, even Lexus cars made by Toyota. The roads are dust-free and smooth, with seat belts that work and have smooth suspension.

Uber drivers are better than the taxi service I grew accustomed to using. Taxis in Anchorage that go the long route and use routes with multiple stop signs to get more and as much as possible in cab fare by stretching meter time as high as they can, and going a few extra blocks!

Uber drivers save you about half of what you pay in cab fare, because their route is mapped out by GPS and utilize a better algorithm by going the shortest way to get you to your destination.

Uber drivers also give you bottled water, Quaker bars or cookies! Uber drivers are courteous, friendly, and good natured.

More about Life in the City next week, my Discoveries for you on the Delta.